Compressed Air Duster


1. Max 88000RPM powerful and durable motor, blowing force 1.85-2.55OZ, it can produce super strong airflow, remove debris and dust on various electronic equipment, easy to clean every scenarios, is a good assistant for cleaning after your house decoration, lower energy consumption, longer service life, lower noise with strong power.

2. 3 gears of wind speed mode with LED speed indicator blue light, easy to remove dust, upgraded 88000RPM super powerful motor, provide huge airflow for deep cleaning,  one-hand easy operation, one-key switch for easy change 3 wind speeds, provide high-pressure airflow to remove dust and debris on various of electronic devices in home or office, convenient and easy to use.

3. Ultra-large 6000mAh lithium battery capacity with intelligent low voltage protection, short circuit protection and overcharge protection, it can be recharged and recycled. The first gear 48000RPM, can be used continuously for 60 minutes, the second gear 68000RPM, can be used continuously for 40 minutes, the third gear 88000RPM, can be used continuously for 30 minutes, with TYPE-C charging cable, can be charged anywhere.

4. Environmental protection and energy saving air duster with LED light, electric dust removal gun automatically lights up LED light when working, let you easily clean the dark corner, bring convenience to your cleaning, with different nozzles and brushes, the dust will has nowhere to stay, liquid or ice will not create form during the cleaning process, it can protect your electronic products, very environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

5. Multi-purpose and portable, with 3 nozzles and 3 brushes, for multi-scene cleaning, meet the different needs of different users, thin and long nozzles make it easier to clean corners or dark corners which cannot be reached by hands, multi-use to lots of places.Suitable for dust removal of computer cases, keyboards, cars, fans, lily windows, etc.The multi-functional nozzle is used to inflate swimming rings, yoga balls, air mattresses, etc.Use the brushes for better cleaning.

Compressed Air Duster specifications

Air Duster Specification


Rated voltage


Rated power


Rated speed


Charging voltage/current




Charging time

1 hour

Using time

Gear 1 : 48000RPM60min
Gear 2 : 68000RPM
Gear 3 : 88000RPM

Noises (Place 100mm)


Battery capacity


Size(without the head) 

Length X Width X Height

94 X 55 X 170 mm

3.7 X 2.16 X 6.7 inch

Function configuration

With LED light

Overcharge protection

Shot circuit protection

Intelligent low voltage protection

Speed indicator LED light(three gears, blue light)


3 x removable nozzles,3 x brushes

1 x bag

1 x TYPE-C charging cable

1 x use manual


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